Monday, February 14, 2011

Favorites: My Real Valentines

Happy Valentines Day! Regardless of if you have a special someone today, or if you are single and ready to mingle, you do have a valentine. Open your closet...look at your shoe rack...peek over at your dresser. Your favorite pink dress, those sexy red heels...they never stop loving you. So for Valentine's Day, fashion lovers, I say give your shoes some love. Put on those heels you have kept hidden away because though gorgeous, they hurt your feet. Dig out that hot red dress you have forgotten about...or just put on some simple red lipstick, and tell your little friends, I love you.

Below are some of my favorite V-day finds from Dorothy Perkins (dresses), Trish McEvoy (lipstick) Kate Spade (shoes), Urban Outfitters (top) and Forever21(jewelry). Enjoy!

Readers! Tell me about your plans for V-Day this year below. Looking forward to hearing from you all :)



  1. I love the different shades of red you have posted here. Especially the petal collared shift.

  2. LOVE this!! Especially the pinky-coral dress!!