Monday, February 7, 2011

Trends: Black, White & Beige (and a splash of red)

Good morning! I hope nobody has a case of the Mondays...this week is going to be as amazing as we all make it :)

This is my outfit of the day post...I love the classic combo of beige, white & black. I decided last minute to add a splash of red with the braided red belt.

I find that wearing a light colored top under a dark cardigan (like the white top & black cardi combo below) is really, really slimming (like my other outfit here).

White top: Gap (on sale for $7!), Red belt: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Cardi: H&M 
No time to put on make up this morning, tried to make up for it with a well-put-together outfit!

This skirt actually has big cargo-like pockets on the side, you can't see them because my cardi is hiding them, but the pockets give the skirt a totally different look! 
Let me know what you think...and if I'm not following your blog, post a link below so I can check it out! I will be doing a blog post round up later this week from all my fav fashion blogs...I don't want to miss any good ones!



  1. This is such a beautiful outfit. I love the clean look & the colors. Also, that shirt is GREAT! Perfect outfit. Oh & you don't even need make-up!


  2. Really like that skirt and the belt is a lovely touch :)

  3. Really like the outfit, and the added spalsh of red. I have the same skirt, isn't it super comfortable?!