Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 Days of Chic: Day 1 Giveaway

Happy Holidays everyone! Today is the first day of the Chic Curve's Christmas giveaway series! Every weekday until Christmas, we will be giving away something fabulous to a lucky reader! All you have to do to win the surprise gift is follow the blog via Google/Blogger and comment below with your guess on what the item is, based on the given hints!

Follow the blog via Google Friend Connect or Blogger (you will see yourself in the "follower" box on the right hand side of the blog). Then comment on this entry with your name, your guess on what the giveaway item is & your email. One random commenter-follower will be chosen and announced for each gift. You can enter once per day per item. You can comment on each entry & apply to win the giveaway for up to 48 hours after the entry is posted, or until the winner is announced, whichever comes first.  If you are a winner, you will be emailed at the end of the series. All the gifts will be revealed after the winners are chosen. Email Natasha at with any questions.


  1. Hmmmmmmmm - this is a toughie - I should know this H&M and I go WAY back....

    My guess is:
    Anything and Everything from the Lavin Line?

    Ah Man this is a Tough One!

    Yours Truly

    read me:
    email me:

  2. I'm guessing the chunky H&M necklaces from this post:

    Maybe? lol

    Betsy at

  3. hmmm... I think it is a pair of earrings! I haven't really been to H&M in awhile, but it does sound like a piece of jewelry. :)

  4. My guess is a big, cozy sweater!


  5. My guess is a scarf!! :D

    LaCara -


  6. wait, im specific does this need to be? the item new or hand-me-down??? im in either way...

  7. A thick striped sweater from H&M?? This is tough!!!

  8. Good guesses everyone...the gift & winner will be announced soon!!!

    Be sure to check out Day 2 for another chance to win :)