Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Chic Curve is Getting an UPGRADE

I've been blogging now for about 6 months and I'm loving it. I love every one who leaves me comments...I've loved reading every one's blogs, and I'm excited to see how far I can take The Chic Curve in the next 6 months!

I've decided that The Chic Curve needed a new outfit, and so I'm redoing the blog. It will be LIVE early next week, I'm SO excited about is a HUGE upgrade. I'm moving to Wordpress, but I'm keeping the Google Connect gadget, so if that is how you are following the blog, don't worry, nothing will change :)

I'm also going to Europe for 3 weeks in May, and will be posting some chic Europeans & myself, on the brand new blog!

Here is a sneak preview. Once the blog goes live, I'll make the official announcement & redirect the blog to its new site :)


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