Monday, April 4, 2011

Trends: Loafers (and how to make them look fashionable)

The newest old trend on the streets of big, fashionable cities is...drumroll please...women's loafers! I'm in love with this trend for two reasons: 1. Loafers are extremely comfy. 2. Can be dressed up and down.

But beware, my fellow fashionistas! Wearing loafers the wrong way can make you look like granny-gone-wrong, and thats not fabulous at all. So I've compiled the best ways to wear women's loafers (in my opinion, of course), as well as some great options for purchasing your own classic yet modern pair!

The J Crew Way: Socks & Pleated Skirt (J Crew Fall collection 2011)
Contrasting & Sexy (J Crew Fall collection 2011)

Opaque Tights & Loafers

Milan: Loafers & Rolled Slacks (amazing image from the Sartorialist)
And its me! And my Kaya loafers. Cropped slacks, long cardi. 
Kaya tassel loafers in chocolate & Isaac Mizrahi LIVE! Loafers in black (my 2 fav pairs)

Crown Vintage Loafers, Buy at ($60)

Mark McNairy for Weejuns $475 (Buy at

Leopard Horsehide Studded Loafers by Giacomorelli $590 (Buy at

Windsor Loafer by Michael Kors $98 (Buy at

Heisserer Loafers by Aldo $90 (Buy at

Hope you enjoyed all the lovely loafers! Show me your loafers (link in the comment section)!



  1. you know, I've always been afraid of loafers for fear of coming off too masculine, but you look perfectly feminine and adorable in those black cropped pants... I think I just may have to try a pair!!

    great post!

  2. Just about to do a post with my new loafers :)
    All the students in Cardiff have been wearing them for a while now, usually with cropped trousers and a stripey top-kinda french or with a floral tea dress and tights