Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trends: Pierre Hardy Pumps for GAP Design

I'm in love. I'm deeply, madly, crazy in LOVE with these shoes that GAP is releasing this month. Honestly, I thought about not posting these shoes, because if you all know about them, and rush to get them, they could get sold out before I snag a pair.

But then I thought...what the hell. That is the true spirit of a fashion blogger.

So here they are, in their glory. Amazing Pierre Hardy pumps designed for GAP (their special "Design" line). They should be available for purchase within the next couple of weeks! Keep an eye out for them...I'm guessing they are going to sell out quickly!


  1. Omigosh! These are too adorable. I think I'm required to get a pair.

    Closet Confections - A Personal Style Blog

  2. My mom and I have been checking for these almost daily. She has already promised to buy them for me.