Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Details: Studs & Fortune Cookies

Two stories today:

1. I recently decided I wanted to find a cute flannel button-up to stud. So over the weekend, when I found an adorable rainbow flannel at Faith21 (by Forever21) I knew it was meant to be! So I moseyed on over to Michaels and picked up some iron-on studs &  permanent fabric glue and carefully glued on studs, turning my rainbow flannel into an edgy button-down. (see picture below)

2. Over the weekend I hosted a Swap Party (see the idea & description here) and invited a few friends to bring some unwanted yet fashionable items. Everyone exchanged items ranging from dresses to scarves to kitchenware to jewelry. It was a huge success, and out of my favorite items was this tiny little necklace with a fortune cookie charm on it, as well as a little circle that has "good fortune" engraved in it. Its my new favorite-little-thing! (see picture below)

Anything new happening with you? Hope everyone is having a fabulous week :)



  1. The swap sounds like an amazing idea! I might do this soon and use it as an excuse to have some drinks with friends. I really like the shirt, would look great with tights and a black mini skirt xx

  2. im going to copy you with the new flannel I got from the swap meet;)

  3. Hi Natasha, although I was looking for some custom fortune cookies but I found your idea amazing. keep it up.