Friday, January 28, 2011

The Details: Fuzzy Floral, Riding Boots & Pink Headband is Friday! And for me it is actually "Floral Friday," a trend I'm starting at the office with a coworker (which is in addition to our newly instated "Heel Wednesday").

Story 1: This fuzzy sweater, one of my favorite tops hanging in my closet, is from H&M. I found this sweater a few months ago, but it was priced at $50! It was too outrageous of a price for a top from H&M, so I passed on it (I actually posted about the sweater here). Then a month later I was browsing the sales at H&M and there it meant-to-be sweater for $15! Clearly I snagged it. And that is the story of my fuzzy floral sweater.

(Short) Story 2: The headband is from the swap meet I wrote about a couple weeks ago...and definitely recommend getting together with your friends and hosting a swap party, because what is better than free & fabulous clothing/accessories?

Story 3: The boots are Steve Madden (check 'em out here). And let me just say...I love these boots! They go with everything, they are super comfortable and look good with everything from leggings to skirts to skinny jeans! A great purchase...and they have them available in tons of colors. I'm probably preaching to the choir here, everyone has these boots!

Note: I'm 5'9" with long legs, so the boots are not as tall on me as they would be on most :) 
Note: Again, tall girl here, that sweater would be much longer on most!



  1. I am a fan of floral fridays!

  2. The pattern on that sweater is fantastic! And huzzah for starting trends!