Monday, January 24, 2011

The Scoop: Urban Outfitters Shoe SALE

Oh no. It's happening again. A shoe Urban Outfitters. I'm talking gorgeous pumps & adorable flats for under $20. There are tons of heeled, lace-up booties available, as well as chunky heels for a night out on the town. Above are my favorite picks...thought I won't be purchasing any of them because I have a shoe addiction, and currently have at least 5 pairs of beautiful heels that I haven't even worn once since buying them.

And in addition to endless mouthwatering shoes, there are clothes & accessories on sale as well. So if you have some money to is the time check out the sale at Urban Outfitters here.


  1. Awesome. love them all but will stop myself as well. the leopard ones almost look like Toms;)

    Ps. have you heard of Shoe Dazzle? Caitie was telling me about it this weekend. Sounds awesome. Check it out.

  2. wow, thanks for sharing! I'm totally browsing their sales right now