Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Stylist: The Perfect Purple Dress

I might have found the near-perfect purple dress from Dorothy Perkins (10pounds). The pleating, the color, the sleeves and the pockets...gorgeous. I will admit, this dress will not flatter all body types. It would look amazing on an hour-glass or pear shaped body, might not work for apple however.

How to wear this plum piece? Pair it with opaque black tights & black chunky heels. Possible gold bangles, hair worn simply. This dress needs to be the center of attention, and necklaces will detract from the beautiful detail. You might be able to pair it with a thin, very simple black belt across the waist.

What do you think? How would you style this piece?


  1. oh my GOODNESS! its goooooooorgeous!! whyyyy oh why is there only a UK18 left?! :**(

    ...to keep me from spending more money, that's why. pshhh.

  2. Oh man that dress is selling like hot cakes...its so gorgeous...