Monday, November 22, 2010

The Stylist: Sweater for Almost AnyBODY

I have found the perfect sweater for *almost* anyBODY. This floral sweater from H&M looks even more amazing in person - it is soft, flowy and long. Here are my suggestions on how to wear the sweater based on your body:

Curvy & Short: Roll the sleeves up. Pair with a long, skinny gold necklace. Big black bangle. Black leggings. Chunky black suede heels.
Curvy & Tall: Fold the sleeves over once. Chunky gold/brass necklace. Black leggings. Cocktail ring. Brown riding boots.

Thin & Short: Leave sleeves long. Black tights. Long pearl necklace. Black heeled booties.
Thin & Tall: Roll the sleeves up. Black tights. Chunky gold/brass necklace. Skinny red bracelet. Chunky red heels.

Would you wear it differently? Let me know in the comments below!

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