Monday, November 29, 2010

The Stylist: The Perfect Wedge

Ladies, stop your searching! I have found the perfect strappy wedge. This gorgeous Dolce Vita Pela shoe will run you around $160...but these are some of the most beautiful and versatile shoes I have seen in a long time. Here are some perfect outfit ideas to go with these delicious wedges:

1. Loose fitting shirt, long interesting necklace, dark blue skinny jeans, DV Pela Wedges
2. LBD, chunky bracelet, DV Pela Wedges
3. Long flowy top, black leggings, statement jewerly, DV Pela Wedges
4. Pencil skirt tucked into simple loose fitting sleeved top, stockings, scrunched socks, DV Pela Wedges


  1. oooooo yes please! I love wegdes, and I love these, esp the grey one :) thanks for your email, will let you know when the feature is up in December xx

  2. those are hot. i want them. i wonder if i could walk in them.

  3. you could...i want bad...but they are $160 and I have to think hard about them :(