Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Details: Sleeve Details

So H&M is one of the stores where sometimes you can find shirts & skirts that fit like a dream, and other times it's like trying to fit a bowling ball into a pinhole (thanks for that metaphor, Snookie). But this shirt, which comes in black & tan, is a dream. Its long (goes to the middle of my thighs, I'm 5'9") and flowy. Pair it with black leggings and chunky colorful heals. Perfection!


  1. Hi sweetie! Welcome to the blogsphere :)

    I love the top you are wearing, and reworked it my own way :

    I have to say, you are very beautiful! I look forward to more outfit posts and will be putting you on my blogroll:)

    Welcome chez moi!

    <3 Anika

  2. Oh I just looked and it is wonderful! I only bought the tan, then went back because I wanted the black...but they didn't have it anymore! And you look fabulous fabulous fabulous...I love your style :)

  3. Thank you hun! :) thanks for following me back, I look forward to following your blog, really. Hope you will do full figure shots too?

    xx Anika

  4. I def will. I just started the blog a few days ago, so I'm still getting everything together. Stay tuned :)