Friday, November 5, 2010

Spotlight Love: Kristi S.

Talk about fabulous! This fashionista is a dear friend of mine, her name is Kristi and she is just so damn gorgeous. I don't recall ever seeing her looking anything short of fly...this girl has her style down.

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  1. she is very beautiful! I love her outfits :)

    It occurred to me that it might be interesting to check out a great blog that offers good advice on building a blog seing as how you are starting out :)

    sleep tight xx Anika

  2. Thanks lady! I'm about to post up some logo options, need help choosing. Would love your input!

  3. She is beautiful & looks amazing!! I really love the 3rd picture of Kristi!


  4. Thanks, she is so amazing in every way. I'm hoping to do an interview with her one of these days :)