Friday, November 12, 2010

Spotlight: Amazing Curvy Fashion Photos

I've been scouring the web trying to find the sexiest and most chic fashion photos out there of full figured women...and I chose these 5 as my favs. Amazing shots, gorgeous curves & chic as can be. 

Did I leave out your favorite shot? Send it to me: chiccurve@gmail


  1. Fabulous!! I would love to see more curvy women in the mainstream magazines!

    P.S. Loveeee the new header! :D


  2. Me too! I think it is slowly are a leader getting us there!


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  4. Hi,

    I just found you via IFB via the Love Every Curve group and am your newest follower on GFC.

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  5. such a fab post! sultry and hot :) thanks for sharing <3

  6. Gorgeous photos! As a plus size gal myself, I love the fact that plus-size fashion is becoming more mainstream.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!