Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Stylist: A Chic Dress for Thanksgiving Dinner

This is the first post in a new series called "The Stylist." Need advice on what to wear? Send in your query & specifics, and we'll post our advice here! Send submissions to

Jessie Writes: "Hello! I'm hitting the 6 months mark with my boyfriend & he has invited me to fly to New York City with him & have Thanksgiving dinner with his family! While I'm very excited he wants me to come along, I have NO IDEA what to wear. His family are all very stylish & well-off, and I don't want to seem out of place. Can you help me find a chic dress that flatters my curves & doesn't break my bank account? Thanks!"

Jessie! Thanks for writing in. I have come up with some very stylish options that look much more expensive than they really are. When you are at dinner looking fabulous, remember to start with the outer fork first...or wait...the inner...oh never mind. Just be yourself!

1. Gathered Waistband Dress ($48.27, ASOS Curve)
2. Sleeveless Cotton Dress ($73.90, Eliza J for Nordstrom)
3. Coin Embelished Shift Dress ($112.60, ASOS Curve)
4. Studded Sleeveless Dress ($86.90, Michael Kors at Nordstrom)
5. Embelished Scalloped One-Shoulder Dress ($129.30, ASOS Curve)
6. V-neck Dress ($51.72, ASOS Curve)

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