Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trends: Tiered Dress

I would like to start off by saying thank you to the dress gods for blessing us all with this Robbie Bee Beaded Tiered Dress. The easy sexiness of this chic LBD will cause you to accidentally seduce & ensue swoons from anyone you pass by. This delicious piece is only $98, and an extremely versatile addition to  any closet!


  1. I love that dress. Tiered dresses in general are such a wonderful gift to us curvy girls! They're so figure flattering and romantic!

    xoxo coco

  2. I agree! I posted a comment on your blog, hope to hear from you soon!


  3. I love the dress...but being short and curvy I have had the worst luck with anything tiered-- it makes me look shorter- and wider...and box-y...? Any suggestions?

  4. Muffins, is it? I suggest trying to find tiered tops/dresses that are cut like sweetheart & baby doll at the top. So it will hug your top part, be tight at the smallest part of your waste, and then float down. But some times you just won't be able to wear tiered tops/dresses that are too layered :(

  5. yes, Muffins here:)

    empire waisted/tier...good idea. I figured as much...if only I was taller. Shucks.